Mind-bending carpet art reimagined from gallery masterpieces

While it’s customary to encounter artworks displayed on gallery walls, the innovative approach taken by studio Cre.a.i.tive offers a fresh perspective by envisioning textile works that elegantly span the gallery floor. Departing from traditional presentation norms, this creative studio harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to craft a captivating collection where artistic expression breaks free from the confines of one surface.

Through their cutting-edge techniques, they’ve redefined the boundaries of artistic display, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a visually stunning environment where the floor becomes a canvas for boundless creativity. With meticulous attention to detail and a visionary outlook, studio Cre.a.i.tive has successfully transformed the notion of an art exhibition by seamlessly blending the physical and digital realms. The result is a mesmerizing gallery experience that challenges conventional perceptions and ignites a sense of wonder at the endless possibilities when art transcends its traditional constraints.

Artificial intelligence created carpet art
Textile art from studio Cre.a.i.tive

The art exhibition, named The Reflections of Lost Thoughts Art Gallery, draws inspiration from Faig Ahmed‘s textile art, renowned for its surreal carpets that seem to melt. Although Ahmed’s creations lean towards a traditional look, the AI interpretations by Cre.a.i.tive showcase a more abstract vibe. Each piece in the series captures a figurative essence, showcasing a variety of faces.

“While creating The Reflection of Lost Thoughts Art Gallery, I was inspired by the fluidity of nature, the mystery of dreams, and the inner worlds of people,” Cre.a.i.tive tells My Modern Met. “The dance of colours and patterns was inspired by the waves of the sea and other wonders of nature. I also followed the traces of people’s inner journeys while exploring their emotional and intellectual experiences.”

Carpet art seems to melt off of the walls

To explore further, simply scroll down to find an array of captivating images from the collection waiting to be discovered. Make sure not to miss out on any of the artistic wonders by following Cre.a.i.tive on Instagram, where you can immerse yourself in their latest creations and stay informed about upcoming releases.

Art studio Cre.a.i.tive employs the power of artificial intelligence to create mind-bending designs

The Reflection of Lost Thoughts Art Gallery
Carpet art inspired by the fluidity of nature
Artificial Intelligence inspired works from Faig Ahmed's textile art