McDonald’s plans to retail its own version of Balenciaga’s fries shoes

First it was a New York souvenir company that went after Balenciaga for copying a touristy tote, now it is McDonald’s turn.

Last August, Balenciaga spawned a hefty dose of internet memes after they retailed US$545 red leather mules that were soon likened to McDonald’s French fry cartons.

It’s been several months and shoes are no longer in stock. But now, McDonald’s Sweden is thinking of retailing its own comical version of the shoes in time for Stockholm Fashion Week.

McDonald’s version of the red leather mules sees its fries packaging attached to outsoles. While they’re obviously not very comfortable, it’s recommended you matching the look with socks. 

Fries shoes release

Looking to remind the public of their alleged contribution to high fashion footwear, McDonald’s Sweden posted a photo of an individual wearing the carton look-a-likes, with a caption that translates to:

“If we get 103,042 likes we release these for real.”

The photo has roughly 31,000 likes at present, which means that it likely won’t reach the threshold in time. So, if you’re hoping to cop McDonald’s special mules, you might need to step up their game and get your friends involved.


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