Humorous IKEA step-by-step manual poking fun at hoarders

As pictures of empty shelves dominate social media feeds, IKEA Israel is releasing a step-by-step manual that takes a jab at supermarket hoarders. The flat-pack company teamed up with advertising agency McCann Tel-Aviv to remind customers that amid the pandemic, it’s recommended that they practice social distancing by staying at home at all times.

Numerous countries are now on lockdown with the majority of people being encouraged to stay within their homes for their own safety and to slow the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, when they do need to venture out, many finding shelves emptied when they turn up to shop — thanks to panic-buying — a number of chains and retailers are now reserving shopping times exclusively for older people. However, while the idea has worked well in smaller stores, big crowds at larger stores have made social distancing difficult.

IKEA’s message for conveying social distancing is done via a step-by-step manual normally found in the packaging of its furniture. The guide, titled ‘Stay Home’, shows an illustration of a house with the important tools one needs for the project. These include a key, a lock, as well as 100 rolls of toilet paper, making fun of panic-buyers who have been purchasing the item in bulk. It also shows a closed door with a checkmark and an open door with a cross, implying that one shouldn’t leave the house at all costs.

“It’s really not complex — just stay at home,” IKEA captioned its cheeky manual on Facebook.

While panic is a very human response, it’s neither helpful nor proportionate to the current risk level. So, follow IKEA’s manual — minus the hoarding — and stay safe.