IKEA instructions humorously depict handling real life situations

Are you having trouble figuring out exactly how to behave in certain situations? Have no fear, IKEA is here. Actually, UK-based artist James Chapman is here with a humorous illustrated series of IKEA instructions. They demonstrate the dos and do nots of handling situations in real life.

More and more people across the globe are encountering the famous IKEA assembly instructions problem. Even though they’re meant to guide us, the assembly manuals have been the butt of many a joke.

James came up with these diagrams—similar to IKEA’s instruction guides—showing us how to react and behave in various real life situations. Why? Because situations often arise in which you just don’t know how to act. Take a look that these IKEA instructions below to get a better idea:

IKEA instructions for real life

IKEA instructions for using the urinal

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IKEA instructions for job interviews

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Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/lukelewis/if-real-life-came-with-ikea-instructions