McDonald’s highlights home delivery with half a logo

Overt advertising has long been considered a nuisance by consumers. In fact, roughly 9/10 shoppers find ads more intrusive today than a few years ago. To cope with this issue, several brands have resorted to leveraging anti-ad advertising. McDonald’s is one of them. And in the past few years, they’ve increasingly been experimenting with logo-free ads. The burger chain has been trying to flex the power of its world-famous brand with ads that scream McDonald’s, without even having to say it.

Last year, Leo Burnett London created an outdoor campaign featuring billboards that only a list of key ingredients that make up some of McDonald’s core products. They had no logo, just McDonald’s typeface and colour palette.

Now the brand is back at it again. Simple and instantly recognizable, Leo Burnett London has produced more satisfying minimalism for McDonald’s. This time it has built a home delivery campaign on the strength of its iconic golden arches.

McDonald's Lights On campaign
McDonald's promotes home delivery in the UK
Minimalist billboard campaign

The trio of outdoor ads shows a section of the logo as though it were a rainbow over houses. But with just that hint alone, it’s clear what the ads are for. And as Britain continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic with a nationwide lockdown, these ads easily promote McDonald’s home delivery.

Yet, while it appears as if minimalism has taken the world by storm in recent years, with everybody moving to remove clutter from their day-to-day lives, many companies that feel they have a strong enough brand have started stripping down their branding to the simplest possible form.

So, do these ads scream McDonald’s home delivery to you?