Doritos campaign removes logo to appeal to Gen Z

GenZ currently makes up one-fourth of the US population. And by 2020, Gen Z will represent 40% of all consumers. That means understanding them should be a primary focus for marketers — especially digital marketers. This can be difficult, though, as younger audiences use cord-cutting, ad blockers and incognito browsers as some of the ways to avoid advertisements. However, as marketers look for new ways to get their brand names and logos in front of hard-to-reach Gen Z audiences, Doritos is trying something very different.

When you’re at the store scouring for a bag of Doritos, you’re likely looking out for its colour instead of the logo. The company has thus made the unprecedented decision of dropping its name, logo and tagline, banking on the iconic status of both its product and packaging.

Doritos’ Gen Z Anti-Ad Ad

The “Another Level” effort, which debuted during the MTV Video Music Awards, includes a new ad entitled “Anti-Ad,” in which the brand admits that it’s running a paid message, but doesn’t let on to who is behind it. Instead, a voiceover announces that it’s promoting a “chip so iconic, we don’t need to name it.” The ad features only blurred-out images of the brand’s packaging, plain red and blue bags and then scene after scene of Doritos’ triangular silhouettes. 

Doritos Another Level campaign

Across Doritos’ marketing and social media channels, they’ll ditch their logo, replacing it with a recognizable triangle shape superimposed by the words, “Logo Goes Here.” Its famous tagline, “For the Bold,” has also been swapped to, “Another Level,” which is what it expects to take fans to. Even its website,, has been given a new domain name: During this campaign, the company will also delete all previous posts from its social media channels to make way for crowdsourced content. Consumers are invited to describe what Another Level means to them by using the #LogoGoesHere hashtag on social media, as well as “triangle themselves” via a Snapchat filter.

Doritos social media to appeal to Gen Z

With attention spans of about 8 seconds for products, Gen Z’ers are used to being provided information quickly and in visual forms. They hate ads; Gen Z can’t be bothered with brands that focus only on the products and services they have to sell; they demand diversity, honesty, and open-mindedness; they are mobile consumers, and they refuse to be “sold to.” That’s why I feel Another Level is an ambitious digital investment. What are your thoughts?