Doritos throws in the towel with a new chip bag that cleans your fingers

We’ve all been there. Our hands deep in a bag of Doritos and the sudden need to grab something other than another fistful of chips. That’s the moment you decide to wipe those cheesy hands on your shirt, your pants, the couch, something else.

Doritos and Tel Aviv-based agency Gefen Team have come up with a more clever solution to problem of Doritos fingers. They’ve created reusable packaging called the ‘Towel Bag’ that lets consumers easily clean off dusty fingers.

The limited edition chip packaging is made with the same fabric commonly used in towels. The bag, which is sustainable, is created from 100 percent terry cloth and is machine-washable for repeated use.

The brand promoted the Towel Bag across the Israeli gaming community and teamed with a major gaming retailer to launch the limited-edition packaging. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on whether the Towel Bag will grace other markets beyond Israel.

Would you be keen to get your hands on this dual-purpose packaging?