Student designers redesign cereal packaging for ease of use

Most people aren’t very coordinated first thing in the morning, and sometimes the simple act of pouring from a bulky cereal box can lead to messy spills. However, some early-rising design students from India have created a cereal packaging concept that might make pouring your morning Froot Loops easier.

Prachi Deshingkar and Shikha Kanakla from MIT Institute of Design have taken an ordinary box of Froot Loops cereal and completely overhauled the packaging. Their new concept is not only vibrant but also more convenient to use; it has a unique octagonal shape with edges that are easy to hold, and transparent window slots so that the contents can be seen.

Froot Loops packaging redesign

Unlike most cereal box packaging that contains a wide opening at the top, this redesigned cereal packaging concept has a flap at the top of the box, shaped liked Froot Loops’ mascot Toucan Sam’s beak. Users can lift up to pour the cereal out easily, without spilling its contents all over. Having the extra sides also means that the packaging can be filled with lots of illustrations and nutritional information.

“Frootloops is the preferred choice of breakfast for children all over the world. This packaging solution hopes to translate the delight and vibrancy of the doughnut-shaped cereal, to its appearance on the shelf. This extends to the experience on the breakfast table as well, making a Frootloops breakfast a treat for the child’s eyes and taste buds!”

Cereal packaging redesign by Prachi Deshingkar and Shikha Kanakla
Cereal packaging redesign by Prachi Deshingkar and Shikha Kanakla

What do you think of this redesign concept? While it hasn’t been reviewed by Kellogg’s, you can take a closer look at the packaging concept here.