Boston Pizza delivers a carolling pizza box

Boston Pizza is celebrating the 2019 holiday season with the introduction of the new Christmas Pizza; all the flavours of a traditional Christmas dinner: turkey, stuffing, rosemary sage cream sauce, cheese, served with cranberry sauce and warm turkey gravy. Not only that, they’re delivering it in a new Christmas carolling pizza box.

Christmas carolling is a time-honoured tradition that we’ve come to expect during the holiday season — just not from a pizza box. Boston Pizza’s carolling pizza box plays the brand’s take on Carol of the Bells when it’s opened. These boxes will be randomly distributed and work just like those birthday cards that sing a tune. In addition, the boxes have been given to franchisees for display and the song has also been made available on Spotify.

Niels van Oyen, Senior Marketing Manager at Boston Pizza, says that since many of its pizza recipes are unexpected and creative, the brand wanted the creative assets to match. The goal of the campaign, according to Niels, is to bolster that their pizzas are available for both take-out and delivery, something that helps differentiate it from its competitors.

And since people tend to spend more and indulge over the holidays, Boston Pizza wants to win as many occasions as possible. This is just another step towards the brand continuing to target younger families who are interested in unique pizzas and recipes, as it moves away from its sports bar focus.

“People have come to expect this kind of thing from our brand.” 

The campaign, led by marketing agency John St., is a surprising and entertaining tactic for social sharing. And according to Niels, the promotion has shown strong sales in the first week. Attention-grabbing stunts like this have resonated with consumers in the past. This Christmas carolling pizza box is sure to do so. The focus on a signature menu item primed for delivery was just another way for it to stand out during this time of year.