Nestlé says goodbye to single-use plastic

In a recent press release, Nestlé stated that it will begin eliminating all plastic straws in its products.

Top 10 winners for the A’ Design Award competition

Whether you’re a designer or just someone who loves well-designed objects, this years A’Design Award winners are amazing to see. If you’re not familiar, the A’ Design Award is the world’s largest design awards and a leading international annual juried competition for designers and other creatives.

Diet Coke prints millions of unique labels for new campaign

Diet Coke sales keep falling, but the marketing investment behind the struggling soda keeps flowing in the US this year. Coca-Cola put significant media support behind the launch of a new Diet Coke packaging design program. Diet Coke’s fun new packaging stunt uses HP Indigo digital printing technology to create…

The speedy packaging design of KFC Thailand

Did you know that KFC is the number one delivery expert of the food category in Thailand? Probably not. However to celebrate this achievement, the fast food chain created a series of limited edition packaging for its customers.

Pepsi debuts prestige bottles and accessories

Last month during Milan Design Week, PepsiCo unveiled Mix It Up, an immersive, interactive space dedicated to design collaborations and exhibitions. Among the many pieces on display were a series of sleek aluminum bottles labeled “The Prestige Bottles”.

Clever cereal packaging concept is easier to use

We’re not all coordinated first thing in the morning, and sometimes the simple act of pouring from a bulky cereal box can lead to messy spills. But some early-rising design students from India have created a cereal packaging concept that might make pouring your Froot Loops easier.

Pepsi Light packaging looks like a dumbbell

People in Brazil are finding unconventional ways to work out and strength train these days, so to Pepsi has created some ‘lightweight’ workout equipment. The soda brand recently unveiled its newest campaign for Pepsi Light (which is the name for Diet Pepsi in a few other countries)…

Coca-Cola packaging transforms into VR viewer

What if we could all have a free Google Cardboard-style virtual reality viewer? If this experiment by Coca-Cola becomes a reality, we just might.

McDonald’s unveils bold typographic packaging

Starting this month, McDonald’s will begin to phase in a new packaging design to their bags, cups, and boxes that features minimalist typography.

Burger King launches illustrated Christmas packaging

With the Christmas season kicking into high gear, Burger King has announced their limited edition packaging for the festive holiday. The illustrated packaging features several colourful motifs.

Pizza Hut box transforms into a movie projector

Movie nights and pizza are a natural fit. That’s why Pizza Hut created a new cardboard pizza box that turns into a working movie projector powered by your smartphone.