Miniature fantasy worlds within wooden rings

No matter how much jewellery you own, chances are that you don’t own anything quite like this.

Quick freezing ice tray inspired by snowflakes

The FreezTHAT! ice tray works to freeze small triangles of whatever you want in just 10 minutes.

Renaissance art reimagined as Instagram posts

Imagine what these Renaissance artworks would be like today if they appeared in our modern world.

Stunning art made with gunpowder end up in flames

This artist he sets his artworks on fire. However, the flames actually bring these pieces to life.

Amusing cancer testi-monials from a pair of testicles

Did you know that testicular cancer is the most prevalent cancer in men aged 15 to 29? Symptoms often appear as the tumour grows and causes changes in the body. The good news is that it’s also among the most treatable when caught early. But don’t just take…

Hipster Sound creates ambient noise to stay productive

Sometimes all it takes to be productive is the right kind of background noise.

Artist creates eyelid artworks inspired by famous painters

This artist uses her skills to create incredibly detailed works of art on her eyes and body.

This pizza box can be transformed into a weed pipe

Designer collaborates with pizza delivery service to create a box that rolls into a functioning weed pipe.

Paper scenes of Alice In Wonderland encased in baubles

If you're a fan of the classic book or even the movies, then it's time to 'step through the looking glass.'

Harry Potter-themed jewellery even Muggles will enjoy

This awesome magical-themed jewellery will make you want to reread (or watch) the entire wizarding series again.

This edible nail polish is Finger Lickin’ Good

KFC has branched out into the world of beauty products with a line of nail polish you can lick off.

FormBox turns your designs into real products at home

This prototyping device allows you to create a personal tabletop factory by producing moulds for your designs.