Stunning art made with gunpowder end up in flames

What do you do with your art pieces after you’ve finished creating them? Do you set them aside and move on? Do you frame it and hang it on your wall? Not if you’re this Wyoming-based artist — he sets his artworks on fire. For a conventional work of art, this would probably be the end, but that’s counter to these creations. The flames actually bring these pieces to life.

Elk drawing with gunpowder

Artist Danny Shervin first learned about gunpowder art in college and now he has fun lighting canvasses on fire. Danny meticulously assembles ammunition on wood and canvas. Once the gunpowder is arranged into designs of animals like owls, moose, and elk, he takes a flame to one corner of the piece. From there, it erupts into a small fire that travels throughout the entire composition, burning the image onto the surface.

Animal artworks by Danny Shervin
Animal artworks in gunpowder by Danny Shervin

Danny spends hours putting together his designs before setting them ablaze. The inspiration behind his wildlife “paintings” comes from the Grand Tetons, which he grew up having as his backyard. With originals, prints and signed limited editions available, he has something for every nature enthusiast who’s into art with a story.

Painting with gunpowder

You can check out videos documenting the fiery process and his final artworks below, or purchase some of Danny’s art pieces here.


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