Amusing cancer testi-monials from a pair of testicles

Did you know that testicular cancer is the most prevalent cancer in men aged 15 to 29? Symptoms often appear as the tumour grows and causes changes in the body. The good news is that it’s also among the most treatable when caught early. But don’t just take my word for it, let these testicles do the talking.

In this disturbing yet comical cancer-awareness PSA campaign from FCB Cape Town for the Cancer Association of South Africa, a pair of testicles give personal “testi-monials” about cancer and how they’ve been personally affected by it. The videos took nearly 8 months to create working with Hellocomputer on the animations. Before they began, Hellocomputer spent countless hours doing a bit of dodgy research before doing the final animation.

The final products, which are hosted on, have the testicles giving men advice on how to self-examine and help detect signs and symptoms of testicular cancer. There people can ask the campaign’s testi-ambassador their health-related questions, including how is testicular cancer diagnosed? What are the treatments for testicular cancer? What are the symptoms of testicular cancer? And many other pertinent questions relating to testicular cancer.

“That’s a lot of time to create realistic-looking talking testes. But well worth the effort,” says FCB in a statement.

FCB believed that finding a way to reduce the awkwardness around the topic of testicular cancer could get a conversation started. In turn that would increase the chances of early detection, since men don’t really like to talk about testicular cancer.

So what are your thoughts on the subject – do you think these videos will get people talking?


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