A personal mini fireplace that’s powered by candles

With winter comes cold. This is the time of year when we want to sit by the fireplace and enjoy a cup of warm cocoa. In fact, the act of watching a fire lowers blood pressure, according to new University of Alabama research. This enjoyment may be rooted in evolution, as the act of gathering around a fire dates back to prehistoric times.

But what if we wanted to take that feeling with us? While I don’t recommend carrying a flaming stick into work with you, Italian-based company Art is Therapy has come up with the next best thing. The Egloo is a candle-powered heating system. It heats, scents and humidifies a space in one powerful and elegantly crafted design.

A personal mini fireplace that's powered by candles

Designed by artist Marco Zagaria, the Egloo was engineered to provide an eco-friendly way to heat up a room without rising heating costs. This mini fireplace has five unique elements each crafted to contribute something to the overall gadget.

The base of this mini fireplace allows enough room for the steel plate to fit comfortably. There are two parts to the plate: one for water and the other for the wax and wooden sticks. A metal grill sits atop the base and supports the two hand-crafted domes. The space between these two domes forces hot air out and disperses it around the room. The secondary tray for water also helps in a variety of ways. Adding water to an Egloo turns it into a humidifier. You can also add essential oils to the water for health benefits.

On average, it takes about 15 minutes to warm up; after that, the domes start expelling excess heat and warming up a room.

A personal mini fireplace that's powered by candles

To turn the mini fireplace into an art piece that would fit just about anywhere, Art is Therapy partnered with Italian artisans to put their own personal touch on the Egloo dome design. The company selected the designs they liked the most to sell to consumers.

Art goes deeper than an aesthetic benefit

“It is scientifically proven that the only view of an artistic work is capable of improving the quality of life, both physical and mental health, reducing levels of anxiety and stress, normalizing heartbeats and pressure and activating the circuits of pleasure in our brain,” writes Art is Therapy on its Kickstarter page. “For this reason, we have achieved a beautiful object that can produce beneficial effects both in the mind and in the body of those who are watching it.”

If you’re looking to take the warmth and relaxation of a fireplace with you, visit their website and purchase Egloo for yourself. And for another way to light up your room, take a look at this gorgeous moon lamp.

Source: https://www.boredpanda.com/this-little-device-makes-you-feel-like-you-have-your-own-fireplace-anywhere-anytime/