Coca-Cola uses optical illusion so you see its iconic bottle

It’s one of the most recognizable logos in the world and now Coca-Cola has transcended the bottle in its latest out-of-home campaign by creative agency Publicis Italy. In fact, the brand believes it’s so iconic that our brain needs little to feel it — and to desire it.

Just as McDonald’s advertised itself using only words, colours and no product shots, Coca-Cola attempts to pull off the same trick using their colours and logo. The optical illusion ad features a curved variation of the company’s logo accompanied by a “Feel It” tagline measured at a bottle-neck width. The distance between both lines of text makes it feel as if there’s an actual bottle there. And the minimalist campaign is completed with the brand’s iconic colour palette of red and white.

Coca-Cola is well known as the world’s largest beverage company, operating in more than 200 countries worldwide. Therefore, it’s arguable that there are very few shapes in the world that are as recognizable as the Coca-Cola bottle. Take a look at the optical illusion ads below let us know if you can picture it. The clever campaign is now appearing in several Central and Eastern European markets on OOH, print and social media.

Coca-Cola "Feel It" campaign
Coke uses optical illusion to get you to see its bottle
Coke bottle optical illusion ads