Scrap metal becomes life-size animal sculptures

When you see old car parts and other scrap metal, what do you imagine? I bet you don’t think of it as fantastic outdoor sculptures. While most of us dispose of scrap metal at the dump or recycling facilities, Oregon-based artist Brian Mock collects uses these discarded materials. He takes these screws, nuts, and bolts and assembles them into human and animal forms.

Brian spent his youth drawing and much of his adult life painting and wood carving. However, he discovered his true love of upcycling art in the 1990s. After teaching himself how to weld, he gained incredible technical skills that in combination with his imagination and experience turn discarded scrap metal into the most breathtaking sculptures of animals, people, robots and other figurative objects that can be both decorative and functional.

Brian Mock animal sculptures

“I am intrigued by the challenge of creating an entirely unique piece from an eclectic collection of discarded objects. Giving these old, common items a new and extraordinary life as one sculpture is an artistically challenging yet gratifying process.”

Brian chooses each piece of scrap metal carefully to fit the forms of his subjects; for example, dog tails are depicted as flexible metal chains, and floppy ears are crafted from large sheets of curved steel.

Scrap metal bear sculpture

“My work is designed to emphasize resourcefulness and encourage viewer engagement. Audience reactions fuel my creativity and help me bring my visions to life.”

His work can be seen in galleries from New York to Maui, in public spaces, and in several publications — including two art books. His sculptures have been purchased by a number of luxury hotels across the United States, by numerous international collectors, and even by “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” museum. Scroll down to check out more of Brian’s scrap metal sculptures and click here to visit his website.

Human form made from scrap metal
Animal sculptures by upcycling artist Brian Mock
Discarded materials welded together


  1. Dave White

    Incredible work. I’m impressed.

  2. Alison

    Absolutely beautiful work. Just stunning!!!

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