Pencil tips transformed into miniature masterpieces

Usually, pencils are a tool used to create art. However, the Sri Lankan artist Daya, also known as Daya Micro Art, has taken pencil art to a whole new level. With incredible precision and skill, he carves the graphite tips of wooden pencils into exquisite sculptures that call for a closer look.

Using only a craft knife, a microscope, and a magnifying glass, Daya painstakingly chips away at the graphite to bring his art to life. The level of detail he achieves is nothing short of breathtaking. From planes and motorcycles to people, objects, and even architecture, Daya’s sculptures showcase his immense talent.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Daya’s work is how he manages to keep his sculptures attached to the rest of the pencil’s graphite. It’s a testament to his patience and attention to detail, ensuring that his creations remain intact.

If you’re captivated by Daya’s art, you can follow him on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on his latest creations.

Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary talent of Daya and witness the magic he brings to the humble pencil

Daya airplane miniature sculpture
Pencil sculpture of a bridge

Although smaller than a human fingertip, these figurines are filled with detail

Daya miniature sculptures
Daya miniature graphite sculpture of a kettle
Pencil tip sculpture of a motorcycle
Pencil tip sculpture of elephants

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