Amazing sculptures carved out of the tips of pencils

Drawn to miniatures since he was a child, Bosnian artist Jasenko Đorđević has developed a talent for carving incredible sculptures out of the tips of pencils. And using an X-acto knife and tiny chisel, he transforms pencil lead into recognizable miniature sculptures such as Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker or Edvard Munch’s The Scream painting. So it’s no wonder his creations take inspiration by famous masters that also include Salvador Dalí and Michelangelo.

Tiny sculptures carved into pencil lead
Pencil tip sculptures by Jasenko Đorđević

Jasenko started making these sculptures in 2010 after seeing the work of Dalton Ghetti. Over time he eventually honed his craft through experimentation with different types of pencils — eventually favouring the black lead.

The process is a painfully meticulous one, and he explains, “One has to be very careful when working with black lead, as the smallest lack of attention can lead to its cracking.”

Miniature sculptures by Jasenko Đorđević

Jasenko’s expert handling creates the illusion that these artworks were made from something other than pencil lead, with the graphite resembling a dark, hard stone. And from up close, you might never know they’re composed of something quite as simple and as small. Check out some of his works below and follow his Instagram account for more.

Jasenko Đorđević pencil tip sculptures
Sculptures carved out of the tips of pencils
Jasenko Đorđević pencil sculptures
Sculptures by Jasenko Đorđević
Pencil tip sculptures


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