Are you and your client a perfect match? Take the quiz to find out

What do you look for on a date that makes you want to continue seeing that person? Do you want to feel a connection, a hint of shared interests, an ability to clearly communicate? The principle is the same when looking for a client: will…

The painstaking process of body painting for Sports Illustrated

This year's lineup includes UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, tennis player Caroline Wozniacki and ski racer Lindsey Vonn.

The phrases heard in meetings and what they actually mean

At one point during a meeting, I’m sure someone has said something and you weren’t quite sure what the heck they were talking about. They probably used what seems like random phrases or buzzwords to mask what they really mean and sound more intelligent.

Why sarcastic people are more creative

Did you know that 64 percent of the people who make sarcastic comments are able to find a creative solution to their problem?

New Budweiser packaging revisits its classic identity

For its thirteenth redesign, Budweiser and Jones Knowles Ritchie chose to focus on the brand’s original logotype.

Intricate hand-carved artworks from a paper sheet

Using a single sheet of paper and a knife, this artist painstakingly carves precise designs.

Keep a slice handy with the pizza pouch

Created by novelty website Stupidiotic, this clear triangular plastic pouch is designed to hold a single slice of pizza.

Hide the wine. This wine rack uses optical illusion to store your booze

esigned by Harlequin Illusions, the Pinetti seamlessly vanishes the wine bottles that pass through it.

Rude greeting cards feature simple, funny illustrations

Conventional cards are meant to convey positive feelings and best wishes for someone you care about. However, these cards by de-motivational speaker Paul Gandhi are anything but conventional.

Deadpool presents a humorous testicular cancer PSA

Over the weekend the movie Deadpool brought in an estimated $150 million at the box office. And although this is the largest opening for a February movie, Ryan Reynolds—while dressed as Deadpool—took the time to talk testicular cancer.

The most bizarre hobbies from around the world

While the average people takes up a hobby like playing sports, baking — or even stamp collecting — there are a handful of unique individuals that consider these common pass-times mundane. So what do these people do instead? According to British website, they enjoy…

Minimalist geometric dog houses for lovers of architecture

Korean brand Bad Marlon has created a series of cool modern dog houses for owners to pamper their pets.