Rude greeting cards feature simple, funny illustrations

Conventional cards are meant to convey positive feelings and best wishes for someone you care about. However, these cards by de-motivational speaker Paul Gandhi are anything but conventional.

You’ve probably seen my previous posts about witty, offensive cards that fold out into awesome greetings or maybe the rude holiday cards for a very sweary Christmas, but these are ready for all occasions. These rude greeting cards feature simple but amusing illustrations. Most contain words and messages that you would not typically find on your standard cards, while some of straight up depressing and others downright rude. For instance, the birthday cards come with messages like “Happy Birthday Fuckwit” and “At least you’ll always have the cats.”

Rude greeting cards by Paul Gandhi

Take a look at more funny, rude greeting cards below, or head over here to purchase a couple of Gandhi’s demotivating greeting cards for your friends who appreciate humour like this.


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