Hide the wine. This wine rack uses optical illusion to store your booze

Can you see it? If you’re not looking, you might miss the optical illusion created by this clever wine rack. Designed by Harlequin Illusions, the Pinetti seamlessly vanishes the wine bottles that pass through it.

Pinetti creates an optical illusion

The creation of this product comes from founder Tony Potter’s life-long love of magic and illusion. Drawing on his years spent of experience with illusion, Tony — a former circus clown and stage illusion designer — created a beautifully finished red oak wine rack that is designed to hide the middle portions of the stored bottles. The Pinetti holds 12 wine bottles and is handmade in Potter’s studio in Virginia.

If you’re not sure how it works, not to worry, I haven’t entirely figured it out either. But it’s certainly a cool way when the neighbours come over to hide the booze. If you’re a wine drinker and used to stocking up on wine, then this product will truly be beneficial for you. Head over to their website to learn more about this unique wine rack.

Optical illusion wine rack

Source: http://laughingsquid.com/a-cleverly-designed-wooden-wine-rack-that-uses-an-optical-illusion-to-partially-hide-the-stored-bottles/