Keep a slice handy with the pizza pouch

Do you love pizza? That’s a dumb question, most of us do. It’s the party staple and can be ate any time of the day. But if you really love your pizza—I mean really love it—you probably understand the anguish of not having a slice handy whenever you want to eat one.

Now that’s no longer a problem by wearing the Portable Pizza Pouch. Created by novelty website Stupidiotic, this clear triangular plastic pouch is designed to hold a single slice of pizza. 

The Portable Pizza Pouch has a strap that allows you to hang it around your neck and carry it with you. It also features a durable zip-lock seal, allowing your slice to stay fresh and your body heat should keep it warm.

According to Stupidiotic, “just wearing this pizza pouch will instantly make you more popular and attractive. It’s a bold (and delicious) fashion statement. Portable pizza. The best invention since delivery.”

The Portable Pizza Pouch
The Portable Pizza Pouch

So, is this invention brilliant or stupid? Share your thoughts below or on social media. Or if its caught your eye, head over here to purchase one of your very own.


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