You can buy this bikini made from real pizza for $10,000

Whether it’s to celebrate a victory or a quick way to feed the family, pizza is an incredibly popular food; especially in Canada. But why eat your pizza when you can wear it? To celebrate National Bikini Day today, restaurant chain Villa Italian Kitchen has partnered New York-Based food stylist Jessie Bearden to create a bikini made from real pizza.

So, if you want to look and taste delicious this summer, your prayers have been answered. Referred to as the Pizza-Kini, this two-piece edible bikini is hand-braided. It’s made using homemade dough, whole-milk mozzarella cheese, sauce from fresh California tomatoes and topped with pepperoni.

You can buy this bikini made from real pizza for $10,000

The Pizza-Kini will be available for purchase today only, at the completely reasonable price of $10,000US. The price includes an initial consultation and measurement session, creation of the customized suit, including topping preference, and a final fitting; if you’re going to wear a pizza, you probably want to make sure it fits. 

Pizza is the answer to many questions, but who would have thought it’d be a fashion icon too? And if you’re interested in dishing out $10,000US for a bikini made of pizza, send Villa Italian Kitchen a direct message on their Facebook page.

You can buy this bikini made from real pizza for $10,000

Could this be the peak summer food mash-up?


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