ASICS responsive print ad determines the running shoes you need

Running is one of the easiest sports to jump into, and one of the most popular. But did you know that it’s hard on your body and can lead to serious long-term injuries? In fact, thousands of runners don’t use the proper running shoes for their foot type.

Hitting the pavement donned in the wrong kind of running shoes can cause injuries, especially if you run often weekly. A study from the London School of Podiatry found that 70 percent of runners don’t wear shoes that suit their step. Thus, choosing the right type of running shoes is critical for your health.

In order to help runners determine the ideal running shoes for their foot type, ASICS partnered with agency Neogama/BBH in Sao Paulo. Together they created a clever responsive Foot Type Test ad.

ASICS’ print ad uses a simple technology; a thermochromic ink that reacts to the body heat, and all you have to do is stand on the ad. The results reveals whether the person’s foot type is a supinator, pronator, or neutral. This information enables the consumer to make an informed purchase.

ASICS responsive print ad determines the running shoes you need

If you’re flat-footed, for example, you probably have an overpronated gait. The inside of your foot absorbs impact, putting stress on your ligaments and inner ankle and shooting straight up to your knee. Overpronaters require more inner cushioning in their shoe than, say, a neutral foot with good natural shock distribution.

ASICS, like most other sports shoe brands, categorizes its shoes by tread type; making it easier to buy them online. If nothing else, the Foot Type Test ad provides a good foundational education for people who’d like to start hitting pavement in the morning.

ASICS Foot type Test Ad

The ad itself appeared on the cover of the April editions of Runner’s World and Women’s Health magazines in Brazil. You can watch the print in action below.

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