Domino’s ends free pizza for life deal with brand tattoo

Apparently, the idea of getting free pizza in Russia is a powerful promotion. In fact, it turned out to be so powerful that Domino’s Pizza had to end their promotion as quickly as it began. Domino’s had offered free pizza for life to anyone who got the brand’s logo tattooed “in a prominent place” on their body. 

Domino’s has joined the list of other company’s who have created strange, stupid, even degrading promotions this year. Burger King Russia tried a similar stunt offering free lifetime Whoppers to women who got themselves impregnated by World cup players; and KFC is want’s parents to name their kids Harland for US$11,000 in future tuition money.

Domino’s free pizza promotion

In offering 100 free pizzas every year for 100 years, the Domino’s promotion proved to be so popular, the company had to end it early. They were completely unaware that people would be more than willing to get company’s logo tattooed on their bodies. Hundreds of people shared their new ink on social media to prove they were ready to be walking, talking Domino’s billboards in exchange for free pizza.

Some people had the logo displayed on their forearm, while others opted for their shin or wrist. However, some fans got creative with their body art; the red and blue design was incorporated into slices of pizza, hearts and in one instance, a skateboard.

Intended to run from August 31 through October 31, so many people shared their tattoos that Domino’s had to end it after just five days. However, depending on when you got your tattoo, you may or may not get your free pizza. Although now over, the first 350 people who were brave enough to get inked for free pizza will still be awarded their lifetime supply.

Based on this result, it’s probably safe to say the promotion won’t be making its way to North American customers any time soon.


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