Get wings delivered weekly with KFC’s ‘Seasoned Tickets’

KFC’s Seasoned Tickets are the latest in a long line of marketing stunts from the brand. They’re intended to help the chain promote its new online delivery platform at and its new Fried Wings menu item. The tickets, created in collaboration with StubHub, are fried chicken-scented — hence the name — and come just in time for football season.

“Fans will be salivating over this unbeatable game day delivery offer,” says Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer of KFC US. “Seasoned like fried chicken, but packed with a punch of unbeatable value, our KFC Seasoned Tickets will bring Kentucky Fried Wings directly to you this football season.”

Chicken wings are a popular snack choice during football season. In fact, Americans are projected to consume more than 1.38 billion wings during the Super Bowl alone, according to a National Chicken Council. KFC’s Seasoned Tickets entitles customers to get 48 KFC wings delivered to their doorstep every week for 10 weeks for a total of US$75. And to top it off, in the last week of the delivery service, customers will get 48 additional wings, which they can opt to pick up directly from restaurants.

KFC's Seasoned Tickets in conjunction with StubHub

Working with StubHub for the promotion makes redeeming the offer convenient for consumers. It could also help KFC get in front of potential new customers as the platform is widely used to purchase tickets for sporting and music events. Selling Seasoned Tickets gives KFC a way to deliver a tangible — and scented — product to consumers via the mail, which could make a bigger impression than a digital-only offer.

The new KFC Wings come in classic flavour, as well as buffalo, honey BBQ and Nashville Hot. KFC also recently launched an ad campaign for its new Fried Wings featuring actor Sean Astin as Colonel Rudy, and the actor also appears in ads supporting the StubHub promotion.

Seasoned Tickets

If the Seasoned Tickets sounds like a tasty deal, it was. Unfortunately, there are no tickets left. The company sold out around 500 tickets, and KFC spokesperson Kayala Avery confirms that the chain is not planning on rereleasing the limited edition tickets any time soon. If buyers visit the StubHub page now, there is a message that reads, “No tickets… now what?” You can still get the wings, however, at US$5 for six pieces. And customers can order up to 48 wings in one serving for US$36.99.