BK personalizes face masks to help you order

There’s a lot to get used to during this pandemic. One of them is trying to make yourself heard while ordering food while wearing a face mask, which can often feel like a soundproof barrier. Taking it off to talk obviously renders the safety precaution useless, so quieter talkers have had to get used to raising their voices.

That’s why Burger King Belgium is offering customers a personalized Safe Order Mask in partnership with agency Buzzman. Together they’ve launched a line of face masks that have your order printed across the front so all you have to do is walk toward the counter, and the cashier has all the information they need to feed your craving. From the Whopper to the Double Steakhouse, customers can have their favourite burger typed across the mask (along with the word ‘please’, of course).

“We believe that a serious message can be told in a light and funny way,” Buzzman creative director Tristan Daltroff. “That’s why we came up with this idea of Safe Order Masks.”

“It [also] serves as a kind of OOH.”

To get one of these face masks, all fans have to do is comment with their Burger King order on the campaign’s Facebook post or create an Instagram Story with their order typed over a blank mask. Starting early September the creative team will be producing 500 masks, all customized.

While the face masks could be useful in line at Burger King, you’re going to look pretty silly anywhere else. The tongue-in-cheek concept is in keeping with Burger King’s recent advertising output, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. From onion-heavy burgers to huge cardboard king’s crowns, the company has approached social distancing with a signature light touch — and with much more success than McDonald’s’ tasteless social-distancing logo.

While Burger King’s personalized masks aren’t exactly serious, the gimmick is at least a fun way of highlighting the importance of face coverings in a post-lockdown world.