Burger King offers free Whoppers for a photo of your ex

Do you have a beef with your ex? If so, it could get you a free Whopper this Valentine’s Day. So dig into the depths of your junk drawer and fish out that crumpled old photo of your ex. Burger King is helping people move on by trading a free Whopper for a photo of a past flame.

Teaming up with the new Harley Quinn film starring Margot Robbie, select Burger King outlets will be home to Birds of Prey-themed break-up boxes for you to dump a physical photo of your ex into in exchange for a burger. The black and pink “break up” boxes will be decorated with hearts, crowns and the phrase, “Who needs The Joker when you can have the King?”

Get a free Whopper with a photo of your ex

Unfortunately, the promotion is only available in four locations across the US — New York City (327 West 42nd St.), Los Angeles (545 North Victory Blvd.), San Francisco (35 Powell St.) and Boston (150 Everett Ave). Customers in New York, however, can also bring letters, stuffed animals or a piece of clothing to snag their free Whopper. This offer has a limit of one per guest, so don’t scroll through all 10 of your ex’s Instagram pages to print out a bunch of photos.

If you’ve cleared out all traces of your ex from your life — or don’t live near one of the participating restaurants — there is still hope of bagging a free Whopper by taking part in Burger King’s in-app quiz.

They say revenge is a dish that’s best served cold, but a hot free burger is so much better.