BK offers free Whoppers for setting its rivals’ ads on fire

While Burger King has no problem roasting themselves or their competitors, the latest marketing promotion from the fast food chain takes it to the next level.

Though it sounds like they’re inciting people to commit arson, BK Brazil is actually encouraging customers to “burn” its competitors through a new app. Using augmented reality (AR), Burger King’s app shows a “Burn That Ad” banner that mobile users can tap while pointing their smartphone camera at the print, coupon or billboard ads from competitors like McDonald’s.

Burn that ad

"Burn that Ad" app lets users set BK rivals' ads on fire

A completely burnt down ad will trigger a coupon that allows customers to redeem a free Whopper at the nearest Burger King. Created together with creative agency David SP, the AR feature is an amusing way to engage mobile users with an activity while promoting the BK Express service that lets customers skip the line and quickly pick up their food.

“Technology as a means to provide the best customer experience is one of our main investment targets in 2019”, says Ariel Grunkraut, BK’s marketing and sales director for Brazil.

In last little while, mobile-based troll campaigns have become wildly popular among fast-food restaurants like Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s — particularly in the United States where the chains are vying to win over younger customers. In December, BK boosted downloads of its mobile app by 1.5 million with a stunt campaign that used geofencing to offer 1-cent Whoppers to smartphone users who were near McDonald’s locations.

Through the “Burn That Ad” campaign, half a million Whoppers are expected to be given away all over Brazil with vouchers limited to one per consumer.

Source: https://www.designboom.com/technology/burger-king-burn-that-ad-free-whopper-virtual-reality-03-21-2019/