New Burger King ad campaign has its restaurants up in flames

Burger King is serious about flame grilling its burgers. So much so that its new print ad campaign has the photos to prove it. Literally burning the house down, Burger King’s latest ads shows its restaurants up in flames; a consequence, according to the ads, of the fast food chain always flame grilling its burgers.

The campaign, which comes from agency DAVID Miami, features real emergency-scene photos of actual BK restaurants up in flames. The ads come accompanied with the words “Flame Grilled Since 1954”. The idea behind the campaign was inspired by research that Burger King has had the highest number of restaurant-related fires than any other fast-food chain. This is probably not something to be proud of, yet DAVID’s managed to transform an unpleasant fact into what’s apparently a celebrated one.

There have been plenty of ad campaigns through the years that intentionally show clients or their products in an unflattering flight; but never ads that show a company’s retail locations on fire. 

The restaurants that were engulfed in flames were in Oregon, Italy and Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania restaurant’s blaze was so recent that the franchise only reopened in November. Watch it up in flames here.

Check out three ads below. Click to enlarge.