22 Deadly sins of graphic design

Starting any graphic design project requires preparation. There are briefs to follow, theories to consider, and deadly sins to avoid. So if you’re thinking about using Comic Sans or flattening your Photoshop file, think again.

In any design project, mistakes are to be expected. Most experienced designers are able to avoid them by recognizing the warning signs. However, for those who don’t, Quinnstheprinters.com shares 22 of the most common deadly sins of graphic design.

The following infographic cautions against getting too swept away with trends, improperly kerning type and more. Take a read below and make sure you don’t fall for any of the deadly sins of graphic design.

The Deadly Sins of Graphic Design

  1. Using Comic Sans.
  2. Forgetting to add bleed to print files.
  3. Improper file naming.
  4. Using Photoshop filters to mask a low-resolution image.
  5. Trying to convey several messages with one icon.
  6. Not creating your logo in vector format.
  7. Relying on spell check too much.
  8. Not proof-reading your work.
  9. Flattening your Photoshop files.
  10. Using unreadable QR codes.
  11. Relying too much on design trends to lead your creative.
  12. Centre-aligning large chunks of text.
  13. Too much text on one line.
  14. Improper kerning of type.
  15. Excessively cropping an already well composed image.
  16. Not using 300dpi images.
  17. Being lazy and just using Illustrator’s live trace tool.
  18. Being impatient when masking an image in Photoshop.
  19. Looking on stock websites for logo designs.
  20. Using RGB instead of CMYK for print.
  21. Using rasterized files instead of vector.
  22. Overdoing shadows and emboss.

Source: https://www.quinnstheprinters.com/


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