PANTONE unveils new magazine that explores seasonal colour trends

Last month the PANTONE Color Institiute debuted its new bi-annual magazine. VIEWPOINT COLOUR is an inspirational lifestyle magazine that explores seasonal colour trends and insights across all design disciplines. Colour plays a crucial part in branding, logo design, and how products are perceived by consumers. And because of this, the magazine looks to become essential reading for designers.

Showcasing a lifestyle approach to colour that today’s consumers are demanding, VIEWPOINT COLOUR will empower creative graphics, fashion, and product designers. Inspirational and informative, this beautifully laid out seasonal colour trends magazine will present visual references, design direction, and a global colour perspective; all looking about 6-18 months ahead.

“In today’s highly visual world, where design is led less by shape and form than by colour and material, designers working across all colour-conscious industries are turning to the PANTONE Color Institute to provide them with the clear and credible colour information needed to inform an effective colour strategy,” says Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Color Institute.

Each issue will explore the significance of one overarching global trend; highlighting the contextual grounding for these emerging design and colour directions, and linking socio-cultural shifts with specific aesthetic cues. It will provide an in-depth analysis of these emerging colour stories to explain why they are relevant and how they’re being applied.

The seasonal colour trends magazine is available for global subscription at around $134.60CDN.