How would you like to get paid $6,800 a year to try on slippers?

As the cold weather sets in, getting up and heading into work seem less appealing. Why can’t we just sit in our pyjamas and slippers all day? Thanks to UK footwear brand Bedroom Athletics, you could be doing just that — and get paid.

Bedroom Athletics is offering someone a chance to try on a wide selection of cozy footwear for at least 12 hours in a 24-hour period, and then write reviews on them. The types of slippers available for reviews include memory foam, classic faux fur boots, moccasin designs, and classic mule slippers.

The salary is surprisingly high, as you can get paid for two days a month on a pro-rata salary of £40,000 (C$68,152), which would average to £4,000 (C$6,815) per year, according to Metro UK. But why pay to have people try on slippers? According to the company, the trial is used to help the team at Bedroom Athletics decide how to update their current selection for customers.

Howard Wetter, the director of the footwear website said that while trying on slippers may seem like a “fairly trivial” job to be given such high pay for, the company would like to ensure that products are of “optimum comfort” for customers. Howard also emphasized the importance of making sure the shoes are able to warm customers’ feet during colder months, and people who often get cold feet are the best to test out the slippers for maximum comfort.

While the deadline for submissions was supposed to be until 18 November, the large number of applications has forced a quick end to the job search. What are your thoughts on this job? Would you like to get paid to try on slippers?