Eco-friendly pasta straws are a popular alternative

In a continuous effort to reduce our carbon footprint, the easiest venture into sustainability remains the reduction of single-use plastic straws, as the U.S. alone throws away roughly 500 million of them a year. While paper remains the more popular alternative in North America, UK-based startup Stroodles is introducing an environmentally friendly alternative — pasta straws.

Previously, mainstream alternatives including paper straws have faced backlash by the public as they turn soggy easily in drinks. Metal straws are much more functional but have also gotten flak for its “non-eco-friendly production” and higher price point.

Therefore, pasta straws are better alternatives as they have a low cost of production and low environmental impact. Made with just flour and water, bucatini pasta can be shaped like a straw and be resized by manufacturers to fit consumer needs. For cold beverages, the straws won’t go limp for “at least one hour,” according to pasta straw producer Maxim Gelmann, CFO of Stroodles. They’re best used in carbonated drinks that can cover up its starchy aftertaste that can be annoying to some. Hot beverages, however, are not recommended, given that they’ll actually cook the straw. 

Pasta straws, however, share a similar flaw with metal straws. It has an unbendable nature that makes it difficult for people with disabilities to use them. These people require the straws’ flexibility to support their restrained movements.

Though pasta straws can be found en masse in coffee shops and bars around the globe, with the boon of a trend comes commercial commoditization, as a few pasta straw manufacturers have popped onto the market over the last year or so. If you would like to try them out, you can head over to Stroodles to purchase them.