Lucrative business ideas for animal lovers

You know that phrase “let sleeping dogs lie”? Sure — but make sure you take a picture of them doing it. 

That photo could earn you a lot of money, as dog Instagram accounts have the ability to generate $15,000 for a single post

Turns out, there’s a lot of money to be made in the animal business. As Americans spent over $95 billion on their animals in 2019, many animal lovers and owners are looking to this devoted and growing market to find their own slice of the pie.

Truth is, there are career and side hustle options for those passionate about pets. From the technical to the creative, animal lovers can find a career that suits them while also being lucrative. 

For example, creative types might find luck becoming a “social media momager” for their furry friend, and taking to Instagram and Twitter to generate a following that will turn into cash. Other jobs for creative animal lovers could be: 

  • Pet blogger
  • Pet photographer
  • Pet party planner
  • Gourmet dog treat maker
  • Animal toy maker

Meanwhile, animal lovers who are looking for something a little bit more technical could find their niche providing services to dog owners. Dog walking is an immensely popular side hustle for animal lovers, who can find clients via dog-walking apps or by making connections with their neighbors. Other more technical jobs for animal-loving entrepreneurs could include:

  • Veterinarian
  • Dog trainer
  • Groomer
  • Doggy daycare host

The good thing about animal  businesses is that you can make them into exactly what you want. Whether you want to snap photos after your full-time job or turn your backyard into a large-scale doggy day care operation, all you need to get started is a plan, a permit and a passion for animals. 

For more animal business ideas and inspiration, check out the following infographic.

How to turn your love for pets into a career

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