Beautiful tattoos that look like watercolour art

Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration when it comes to ideas for tattoos. This is especially true now, given how contemporary tattoo artists are getting more creative than ever with the medium.

And while some like their tattoos neat and clean with all the colours within the lines; others prefer the artistry of a more abstract tattoo. That’s where tattoo artist Aleksandra Katsan comes in. She specializes in a stunningly colourful style that make her creations look like watercolour art.

This aesthetically-pleasing body art uses bright hues and abstract brush-like strokes. Aleksandra’s work has a spontaneous, in-the-moment vibe because they include the paint splashes, blots and drips that you normally find on a real watercolour artwork.

But before you add a watercolour tattoo to your “must-have” list, it is important to recognize a broiling debate among the tattoo community. The concern with watercolour tattoos is the lack of dark and defined lines. Once the ink begins to fade and blur, will the abstract image become a big blob of indiscernible colour?

Watercolour tattoos have only been in style for a few years now, so it’s hard to find one aged enough to settle the argument. However, there are plenty of tattoo artists who have publicly defended the style.

Joel Wright explained “if you have a tattoo that is almost all shaded colouring with very little black then you have tattoo that could fade a little quicker. That does not mean it will.” He goes on to explain the many factors that can effect a tattoo’s longevity. Sun exposure and skin damage can do a lot of harm.

Scroll down to view a few beautiful designs from Aleksandra’s portfolio. You can also follow her on Instagram to keep up with her striking art.

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