10 impressive back tattoos that are utter masterpieces

Whether you love or loathe body ink, there’s one thing that nobody can deny: some drawings are amazing masterpieces. They can turn the human body into a living, walking, breathing artwork. And back tattoos are no exception. The only downside to them is that you’re the only person who cannot fully see it. However, that hasn’t stopped people from getting them.

While there are only a few places on the body tattoo artists get excited for, your back is one of their favourite canvases. It offers a lot of space that allows the artist to really flex their creative muscles. While getting a back tattoo can prove to be too large of a commitment and financial investment for most people, the end results are usually nothing short of spectacular.

From abstract patterns and shapes to whole nautical scenes, I’ve compiled this list of inspiring full designs. The tats featured here transcend the usual discussion about getting inked and enter the realm of artworks. Check out the incredibly detailed full-back tattoos below. And don’t forget to let us know which ones caught your eye and why.

Colourful back tattoo
Over 14 hours to complete
Beautiful, intricate designs
Incredibly-detailed back tattoos
Realistic designs
Surreal ink designs
Full-colour creations
Impressive back tattoos
Colour to highlight the design
Simple, but beautiful tats

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