Artist uses her thigh as an ink drawing canvas

Lately, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have been flooded with people showcasing their unique tattoo art. In fact, a lot of young people seem to enjoy the self-expression of adding art to their skin, even when it’s in a temporary form. That’s what artist Randa Haddadin has done with her romantic painting style. Randa creates amazing ink drawings on a reusable canvas — her thigh.

Based in Dubai, Randa started out as an architect, having obtained her BA in architecture from the University of Jordan in 2009, and worked — until recently — for an architectural firm. But it was her love for the visual arts that emboldened her to take a leap of faith and catapulted her to fame. Her drawings on clothes and her body attracted attention worldwide on social media.

Ink drawings by Randa Haddadin
Drawing floral patterns on her thigh

Ink drawings that exploring people and emotions

Randa’s recent ink drawings explore emotion, people, and dance. She was inspired by personal experiences and stories about the people around her. Her work conveys the deep struggles that lie concealed in her mind, heart and soul. And this self-taught visual artist has transferred her expressive technique to a series of unique body art illustrations.

Ink drawings that exploring people and emotions

“It’s a therapeutic process for me, where I don’t need to worry about the end result—keeping it, preserving it, or selling it. Instead, I can focus on the process of creating and enjoy the spontaneous strokes. The comfort of its temporariness gives me more room to be braver with my lines, unlike a permanent tattoo or a sealed oil painting,” explains Randa.

According to the artist, her ink drawing started a few years back. They were a spontaneous gesture, created without overthinking or much preparation. All she needed was a pen and a leg or an arm.

Hand-drawn illustrations on skin

“One canvas with so many temporary possibilities. A moment in time that’s not meant to last, but kept as a memory.”

Fortunately, each drawing she creates on her legs or arms is documented on Instagram before it disappears. Among her works are portraits, dancing figures, architecture, and botanical motifs. You can follow Randa on Instagram to keep up to date with her latest ink drawing creations.

The world on a thigh
Detailed thigh sketches by Randa Haddadin


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