Dubai Police begin training on futuristic Hoverbikes

Here’s one more sign that the future is catching up fast: Dubai police officers may soon be patrolling the streets with flying Hoverbikes.

California-based startup Hoversurf has made good on its 2017 deal by issuing Dubai Police with the first of its S3 2019 Hoverbikes; an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle.

The United Arab Emirates city prides itself on its futuristic status and police there hope to deploy Hoverbikes by 2020 as a way to allow officers to reach hard to access areas.

Weighing in at 253 pounds, the carbon fibre flying motorbike comprises four rotors to help it with its vertical takeoff, and can reach up to 16 feet above the ground. The Hoverbike can also hit speeds of up to 60 mph. Unfortunately, as of yet it cannot stay airborne for long with a pilot, offering only 10 to 25 minutes of flight time. It can, however, remain in-air longer at 40 minutes when in drone mode.

The dimensions of the Hoverbikes allow them to be rolled in a standard doorway while also being able to take off from an ordinary parking space, the company said.

Flying the futuristic Hoverbikes

For now, Dubai Police has initiated two crews to begin training on the eVTOL vehicle, with more to follow. Footage below shows one officer wearing a motorcycle helmet taking off from a football pitch in a flying lesson in front of Dubai’s skyline.

Designers at Hoversurf presented the flying motorbike to Dubai authorities at GITEX, an annual technology trade fair in Dubai. The firm said they could provide 30 or 40 to Dubai if police were interested and said the emirate’s law enforcement had exclusive rights to order as many vehicles as they needed.

An average person with US$150,000 to spare are also free to order Hoversurf’s S3 2019 Hoverbike, though clients will be screened to ensure that they are able to manage the technology. Segura-Conn explained that suitable riders should be able to navigate on a motorcycle and possess a background in drone operations.


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