Embroidery tattoos look like they’re stitched into skin

Tattoos and embroidery actually have a lot in common. Both use needles to form designs and require the respective artist to make deliberate linear marks every time they touch skin or fabric. And when combined, they make for eye-catching ink that’s spawned a new trend called embroidery tattoos.

Don’t worry though, these tattoos don’t actually involve a needle and thread. The rich, textured designs look like the ink has been sewn into skin, taking on an almost 3D appearance. There are two predominant methods of creating the effect: cross stitch and crewel. The cross stitch tattoo has designs formed by tiny “X” marks. The crewel approach, on the other hand, mimics the satin stitch on the skin and often takes on the appearance of an embroidered patch.

Embroidery tattoos are all about precision and detail, so they need some expertise. Check out some of the best designs being inked today below. And as with all tattoos, consider your decision carefully before rushing out to permanently ink your body based on a trend — even if it does look great on Instagram.

Source: https://www.boredpanda.com/cross-stitch-embroidery-tattoo/?cexp_id=17170&cexp_var=45&_f=featured