3D street art that interacts with its surroundings

Street art has a bad reputation and not everyone is a fan. Most people think of tagging and graffiti and consider it a crime. Legal or not, there are some amazing artists out there who have a way of transforming empty spaces into works of art, and Milano-based Cosimo Cheone Caiffa is definitely one of them. He creates amazing 3D street art that looks stunning.

Cosimo was born in Gallipoli, Leece, and has always shown an interest in art. His family and friends were all somehow connected to art, so he grew up surrounded by it. He first learned to paint on a canvas, then found out about graffiti and it immediately captured his interest.

Realistic murals by Cosimo Cheone Caiffe

There are many ways to express yourself and many forms of art. Street art is visual art created in public locations and, in many cases, an artist performs their art illegally. However, now there are special locations where they can come and draw without fear. In fact, some artists even get permission to create their artwork. Cosimo is one of those. He creates large-sized murals that are hyper-realistic and interactive.

He makes boring spaces pop out, more colourful and fun by using his 3D street art technique. And if you take a picture with the street art at the right angle, you can even become part of the piece. He got the idea to make these 3D street art murals because he felt like he needed to make something new, to feel outside of the box.   

“The idea was born from the desire to get out of the box, and in all my designs I try to send messages of unease, the joy of life and what surrounds me.”

Stunning 3D street art comes alive

Common types of street art are spray paint graffiti, stencil graffiti, wheat-pasted poster art, sticker art, street installations, and sculptures. Cosimo creates his 3D street art to interact with its surroundings, creating an illusion from a certain perspective. He plays with the perspective very well in fact. From one angle, his artwork will look weird and deformed, but from another, it will look completely normal.

It’s not easy to do this kind of work, you have to have an eye for it, know art theory very well and use your surroundings efficiently. Cosimo’s work is very popular. He has over tens of thousands of followers and even does ads for companies and commissions for people. Take a look at more of his 3D street art below and follow him on Instagram.

Commissioned work by Cosimo Cheone Caiffa
Realistic graffiti
3D street art visible from certain perspectives
Cosimo plays with perspective to make his murals appear in realistic


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    Brilliant and so important to help us all visualize and see/think and feel outside of the box, love it!

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