Zara’s ‘Love Your Curves’ ad draws harsh criticism and humorous responses

You should always be weary of what you say or post online—especially on Twitter. Clothing brand Zara certainly learned that after posting an ad showing two models with the tagline, “Love your curves.”

Meant to promote body positivity, Zara’s ad ended up sending mixed messages instead. The love your curves ad happened to be placed next to an image of size zero models. On Twitter, many called out the brand for not using curvy models and for failing to be inclusive. Thus, had the models actually had curves, the ad probably would not have incited much criticism.

Whilst many are seething over this issue, others have actually supported the brand by explaining that it could be directed at women of all sizes.

This isn’t the first time the Spanish retail giant has sparked controversy. Last year, Zara was forced to pull a t-shirt with a gluten-free slogan from its shelves after sparking backlash. The graphic print, which read “Are you gluten-free?”, enraged shoppers who accused the brand of trivializing coeliac disease. It was soon pulled after amassed 53,000 signatures and Zara apologizing for any offence caused.

Take a look at the critique and comical responses that surfaced on Twitter below.