Danish fashion label RAINS sues Zara for copying its raincoat design

Zara has a reputation for taking runway designs and making affordable versions for everyday consumers. However, they’ve taken a lot of heat in the last few months, starting with their Love Your Curves ad, and now this: Danish outerwear label RAINS recently announced it is filing a lawsuit against Zara’s parent company for allegedly copying its raincoat design.

RAINS has become known for its clean, simple raincoat since it was founded in 2012. The Copenhagen-based label is requesting a halt on all sales of Zara’s rain jackets, plus compensation for lost profits.

“Zara has copied some of our core products, classics; items which we have worked relentlessly on to help define our brand,” said Daniel Brix Hesselager, co-founder of RAINS. “We’re talking about products that will not change from season to season. So this copying must stop immediately.”

The case is due to be heard at the Danish Court of Commerce. And, considering Zara is the world’s biggest fashion company, RAINS will be looking for a pretty big pay out. In preparation for court, RAINS has pictured both jackets next to each other, showing they are virtually impossible to distinguish.

Danish fashion label RAINS sues Zara for copying its raincoat design

In the past, RAINS tried to claim official copyright protection from the Danish courts. However, it was denied because their products were considered combinations of existing design elements, rather than an “original or artistic effort”. Let’s see if the courts favour the brand for its raincoat design this time around.

Source: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2017/05/22/rains-suing-zara

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