Not just a typeface, Helvetica is now a coffee

Helvetica is a sans serif typeface that’s one of the most popular in the world with designers. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that its influence has spread far and wide; but to coffee? Now that’s something you probably didn’t see coming.

Sudden Coffee has come up with its first blend dubbed Helvetica; a medium roast that’s a mixture of Colombian and Honduran coffees. According to the team, it tastes like dark chocolate and orange zest. Blends are common in cafés, but what makes this one revolutionary is that it’s blended after the coffees have been brewed.

Not just a typeface, Helvetica is now a coffee

“Each tube of Sudden Coffee starts with high-quality single-origin beans which are brewed in a custom fully-closed centrifugal brewing system. This system is designed to lock-in flavour and aroma, often missing from typical instant coffee. Finally the coffee is distilled into an easy-to-use powder.”

Mention the words instant coffee around most coffee lovers, and you’ll most likely elicit an immediate shudder. While the ease of brewing might make it a winner in some books, on the coffee social ladder, instant coffee can certainly be found on the bottom rung.

Not just a typeface, Helvetica is now a coffee

Based in San Francisco, Sudden Coffee is the brainchild of Joshua Zloof and Kalle Freese. They bring customers specialty coffees in an instant format. Sudden Coffee starts with single origin beans and then use a custom brew method to make the coffee. From there it’s then freeze dried using batch freeze dryers. And the result is an instant coffee that tastes like a pour over you would get in a specialty café. With specialty coffee culture continually growing, the company’s timing is perfect. It allows them to reach not, only those who are already professed specialty coffee fans, but those who are wanting to test the waters.

“People are ready for quality instant coffee,” says Joshua. “Specialty coffee has become widespread and people know what it is and want to give it a try. At the same time, it’s still inaccessible outside major cities. For many people (like my dad), seeing someone make a pour-over for the first time is something they just don’t get. Why make such a fuss just to make a cup of coffee? What we try to do is take something high quality and put it in a form that people are comfortable with and easily understand.”

Helvetica is delivered right to your doorstep. And if you’re unsure about committing to the monthly subscription, you can get a taste with the trial starter pack.