Email phrases that seem polite, but have different meanings

Most of us dislike receiving work emails, especially when it’s from our managers or colleagues we don’t like. While we use email to brainstorm ideas, make pitches and form new partnerships, it can also be a subtle tool that some people deploy with such precision that—like a razor-sharp rapier—you might be wounded before you even know what happened. 

These polite sounding email phrases are the kind that put a glossy cover over underlying frustrations and can impose an obligation, express ire, or even deliver an insult in such a nice and nonchalant way that your colleagues won’t even know what hit them.

Passive-aggressive email phrases: "Correct me if I'm wrong..."

To demonstrate this, the folks at Bored Panda have gathered some of the most common work email phrases and their true savage meanings. Chances are that you’ve read or sent almost all these passive-aggressive email phrases at one point, because—unfortunately—they usually work.

The true meaning behind common email phrases

Scroll down to see examples of some passive aggressive work correspondence or click here to view more.

Passive-aggressive email phrases: "According to my records..."
Passive-aggressive email phrases: "Just following up"
Passive-aggressive email phrases: "To put it more simply..."
Passive-aggressive email phrases: "Kind regards"
Passive-aggressive email phrases: "Would you like me to forward it back to you?"
Passive-aggressive email phrases: "Not sure if my last email was received..."
Passive-aggressive email phrases: "As per our earlier conversation on the matter"


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