Are you and your client a perfect match? Take the quiz to find out

What do you look for on a date that makes you want to continue seeing that person? Do you want to feel a connection, a hint of shared interests, an ability to clearly communicate? The principle is the same when looking for a client: will they match up well with your marketing and design team?

Good business relationships rarely just happen. Finding the perfect match with a client doesn’t always go smoothly, especially once the honeymoon phase is over. The once-anticipated phone calls requesting new creative are now dreaded, and the previously infrequent and brief revision requests are now harsh critiques and redesigns.

Much like a romantic relationship, however, the client/agency relationships takes work to be successful. And because each client has their own unique needs, Creative Market has come up with a quick and easy quiz that lets you know if you and your client are a perfect match. Click the button below to try it for yourself.

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The Agency/Client Quiz: Are you a perfect match?
The Agency/Client Quiz: Are you a perfect match?


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