Are you visually astute? Take the Pantone Colour IQ Test

Do you have a sharp eye for colour? Now you can find out for sure, because Pantone has launched a Colour IQ Test that allows you to discover your level of colour vision.

Pantone has recently created a quick IQ test that challenges how well you might be able to distinguish colour swatches. In traditional IQ tests you want to score high, however, the goal of Pantone’s Colour IQ Test is to score as low as possible.

Are you visually astute? Take the Pantone Colour IQ Test

The quick, 2-3 minute colour vision test is based on the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Color Vision test. Following the same layout, Pantone’s test features four distinct grid-like lines with 10 varying swatches for each hue. The aim of the game is to drag and drop each tile, arranging them chromatically so that they align with the first and last swatches of each row.

Sounds easy, right? Well, don’t get too confident. While the challenge sounds straightforward enough, once you start placing colours next to one another the different hues start to play on your perception. This will be an all too familiar phenomenon to artists and designers who use juxtaposing colours to achieve a dynamic effect. Pantone, however, recommends that you calibrate your monitor for more accurate results.

Are you visually astute? Take the Pantone Colour IQ Test

According to Pantone, colour tests such as these have been used in the industry and by government bodies for over 60 years. The world-renowned colour authority itself requires all of its employees to have near-perfect colour vision—meaning they can see subtle hue distinctions that others can’t.

Take the test on the Pantone website and discover your colour vision capability.