IHOP surprises fans with pumpkin pancake beer dubbed IHOPS

People seem to get excited at the beginning of fall with all of the pumpkin-flavoured foods and drinks. And The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) tends to fill that demands with their Pumpkin Pancakes. This year, however, they’re trying something different with pumpkin flavours.

For a brand that has become synonymous with breakfast, IHOP is pushing people to think they’re more than just a pancake house. After a temporary marketing stunt where it rebranded itself as IHOB to promote its burgers, IHOP is now branching out into the world of craft beer. Inspired by its Pumpkin Pancakes, the chain has partnered with Keegan Ales to create a limited edition pumpkin pancake beer dubbed IHOPS.

IHOP surprises fans with pumpkin pancake beer dubbed IHOPS

Arriving just in time for Oktoberfest, the beer is a fusion of its buttermilk pancake mix and select ingredients used to make its Pumpkin Pancakes.

“We’re excited to partner with IHOP on this first-of-its kind brew and bring fans a unique craft beer that blends the deep, roasted flavours of our stout with hints of pumpkin, vanilla and IHOP’s iconic pancake batter,” Tommy Keegan, Founder of Keegan Ales, said.

IHOPS: Pancake responsibly

For a limited time, IHOPS will be available in select bars and at beer festivals across the Northeastern US. You can find a list of locations on the IHOP website here. However, anyone hoping to pair their next stack of flapjacks with a cold beer is going to be disappointed, because IHOPS won’t actually be on the menu in any of the chain’s restaurants.

Source: https://www.thrillist.com/news/nation/ihop-pumpkin-pancake-beer-ihops-keegan-ales