New Budweiser packaging revisits its classic identity

Managing to stand the test of time and an ever changing beer market, Budweiser been around since 1879. And after a dozen previous alterations to the beer brand, Budweiser has given its visual identity another makeover — this time from the creative firm Jones Knowles Ritchie.

For its thirteenth redesign, Budweiser and Jones Knowles Ritchie chose to focus on the brand’s original logotype. This, however, will be the first time the brand has used the same packaging worldwide. Until now, only 80 percent of its product has looked the same. The signature script font and famous creed still feature prominently, but in a more flat, monochromatic fashion. Its iconic bowtie, which was the highlight of the 2011 redesign, has been scaled down to appear only on the bottle’s neck. The AB-InBev-owned brewer — which has a 7 percent market share in the US — quietly rolled out the new look in September and hopes to complete the rollout by mid-February. Jones Knowles Ritchie also revamped Bud Light’s packaging, which will be on shelves in April.

New Budweiser beer can design

According to Brian Perkins, VP of Marketing, Budweiser North America, “We looked at the packaging we had and said to ourselves, ‘Can we honestly say the level of detail, care and attention on this packaging reflects the level of care, detail and attention that goes into the beer? No.'” 

Given all the new craft beer brands that have been surrounding it over the last few years, its brand perception with consumers had been dropping, according to a 2013 report from market research firm Affinnova.

New modern Budweiser bottle design

With this cleaner, sharper re-look at its heritage, Budweiser hopes that the new packaging will reflect the level of care and attention that goes into the beer they produce. Let us know your thoughts on this redesign; has Budweiser abandoned their target consumers? Or is this a fresh new look for the brand?


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