The phrases heard in meetings and what they actually mean

At one point during a meeting, I’m sure someone has said something and you weren’t quite sure what the heck they were talking about. They probably used what seems like random phrases or buzzwords to mask what they really mean and sound more intelligent.

Some of these words and phrases are extremely overused. And because of that, they’ve lost their meaning—and punch. When people use them, most of us zone out and start to think of something else, and don’t pick up on what you have to say.

These meetings are never known for being the most fun part of a work day and often end up downright unproductive. However, Fast Company has brought together some of New York’s finest comedians to explain to us what these phrases actually mean.

Every meeting you’ve ever been to (in 2 minutes)

In the video below, you’ll find out what people mean when they use common phrases and buzzwords like, “Will it scale?” and “This may be a terrible idea.”

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